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The Black Stars @ FIFA 2010

The Black Stars @ FIFA 2010
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Time is the unlimited limiting factor

Why do I say so? You plan to do something, you decide to add yourself just a little of time, when you know it, it has already don't have it anymore!

I tend to find really interestingly awkward when we are not able to clear our tasks, assignments, projects, chores on time, or at least just earlier enough. It's not even an issue open to discussion.

We spent time doing what we ought not to do and by the moment we are required to use that time which we had, it's not there! Amazing isn't it? We are given 2 weeks' deadline, we wait till it runs through to 4 days, we start getting busy on the second last day? You wonder where all the time went? Chances are, you spent it doing something that was not the priority list. And then, our verdict, time isn't enough.

But is it? Is time ever enough ideally? That's we have limits to help us make use of it. My Maths teacher, once said after a high school test, that even if you were given the whole day to finish the Mathematics test, you still couldn't...reason may think the time is enough, just to be surprised later...that you are still stuck!

I feel this is true, that time is the unlimited limiting factor. Time on its own is infinite, to us it is finite, for we have so much to do at a go!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

09.09.2010: The day I got mugged

Um..hold on, before I proceed, you should know that there was no blood shed, no guns or whatsoever affiliated tools used.

It was simple as this: I walk in to Terion Study Centre, as usual, that's the most peaceful place to do your studies at Stratfort University. Having been around for the second year running, I am acquainted with most fellows over there, and by the way they all mean well, just like i personally mean well. That's reason one I feel at home when I step into this serene part of the university, so I throw caution to the wind at least for this exception.

Alright, I did my work and had to check in to the labs for my usual lunch-time shift, that's at 12.17 PM. So I am in a hurry while I try to ask the assistant of the hour, if I could leave my device, a laptop, for a while as I would be back after 2 hours to be precise. For the first time, the request hits a wall and well am left with the only available option, the shelf (you can leave your bag here while you use the study room at Terion) , where I have left more than once and come back for it, like I did on my coronation 101 day (26.06.2010).

But wait, am warned by two agents: Agent one, the assistant at the entry point, after letting me know of the impossibility of my request (to leave my bag at the reception), I ask about the shelf, which he advices "You may, but follow your conscience"...can you believe he was giving me an early warning sign, but I with my intense knowledge of Terion, I ignore agent number 2, my conscience,that always sees the far fetched events in real time, like this one.

Self-convinced enough, I place the bag in its own place. I walk out after promising the receptionist that I will be back in 2 hours and in fact be interviewed before I register officially as a member at the study centre.

About 4 and a half hours later, I relieve my self from the evening duty, which was crucial by the way, an upgrade of one of the labs at Stratfort and rush for my pals device. While on my way, agent 2 projects another real time event, I put on a smile, like that's some joke right? Things don't and should not go missing in Terion.

I was wrong and the rude shock was here: The laptop is missing but the bag is intact! Oh God, where do I start from, for the device is not mine, my good pal, assisted me out after I asked him, and now I have to convey to him the bad news.

This is one of the feelings one wishes it were a dream and you were just being told about it. Too bad!..No dream, and it's happening to me and am there!

The story goes, that my pal, Patt, consoled me, because being whom I am, I prefer being on the receiving end than someone else being on that end, and this time, Patt, was on that end but I just couldn't accept it. I still haven't, and while that guy lurks out there, he has probably sold out that device(Presario C300) for what, Ksh.9000?...or is he using it? Patt assured me that he was cool and man, I have never met a guy so that cool, especially after receiving my ugly news. Patt told me not to mind it, for once it has happened it had happened and nothing could be done about it and that such things do occur and that I shouldn't worry but move on!..Wow, I love you bro, Patt, but that will never go unfinished, I will see to it that I do something, if "repay you" isn't the word bro..:)

And that wraps it up.

1. Terion(Study Center), Stratfort(A University) and Patt(my pal and homie) really exist, aliases have been used to protect them.

2. Presario C300, is the real laptop that was taken away. RAM of 1024MB, 1.6 GHz of processor speed, and a hard disk of 80GB, about 90% had been used.

3. Patt's back up data was on that hard disk and God forbid if it's misused.

4. Wouldn't it be nice if you fellow, the syndicate engineer, just thought about the software I was working on at that time, and brought back the machine, anonymously, for I have already forgiven you man. For real, it just hurts me that you care less to what happens to me! Do you even realise what I am going through, what I went through, for I DON'T OWN A LAPTOP THAT I CAN CLAIM MY OWN(EVEN THE MONEY TO COMPENSATE PATT'S LOSSES) AND YOU TAKE AWAY ONE THAT I BORROWED A FRIEND...Come on men, just think about this, alright.

What can I say?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aggie Catholics: How To Become A Saint

Aggie Catholics: How To Become A Saint: "Since St. Monica's feast day is today, her son - St. Augustine - has this to say to us about how we can become Saints. 1 - Humility is the ..."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"The security log on this system is full" message

The message is likely to come up at the event the security log files being depleted. It popped up one time when a user on the "STUDENTS" domain tried to log in to the Windows XP host machine that authenticates users by accessing the active directory.

Well,I first tried the troubleshooting 101s but just couldn't seem to be getting there until I googled it and alas, I was directed to Microsoft's Knowledge Base.

It was all clear:
1. What you Identified
When you use an account that is not a member of the Administrators group to try to log on to a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows XP, you may receive the following message in the "Log On to Windows" window:
The security log on this system is full. Only administrators can log on to fix the problem.
You can log on to the computer by using an account that is a member of the Administrators group, such as the built-in Administrator account. However, if you log on to the computer remotely, you may receive the following message:
The security log on this system is full

2.Why so?
This issue occurs because no more events can be logged to the Security log on the computer. When events cannot be written to the Security log, only accounts that are members of the Administrators group can log on to the computer.

3. What should be done then?

1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Event Viewer.
2. Right-click Security, and then click Properties.
3. In the Log Size area of the Security Properties window, click the Overwrite events as needed option under When maximum log size is reached.
4. Click OK.
5. Close Event Viewer.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Top Ten Most Forgotten Things When Building a Disaster Recovery Plan

1. Failing to identify everything that could potentially
jeopardize the infrastructure and data that run your

2. Creating a plan that depends on too few qualified

3. Relying on manual processes to notify staff during
a disaster.

4. Failing to procure adequate backup power.

5. Forgetting to prioritize what resources need to be
restored first.

6. Failing to create adequate documentation of your
DR plan.

7. Relying on back ups.

8. Forgetting to test your disaster recovery plan.

9. Making passwords too hard to find.

10. Failing to keep your recovery plan up to date.

As you may have noted, the above more or less give a view of a high tech firm.

References @ accessed on 3rd August 2010.

Monday, July 19, 2010

ERROR 101: CRC Check Fails on Archive Extraction

Are you a windows user? Though Windows 7 is currently the one moving the masses, I tend to respect Windows XP due to its high level of compatibility with most applications provided you got the most current version, at the time, Service Pack 3, but the former Service Pack 2 is still an option if you don’t mind.

Anyway, am not writing this to convince you on which OS to run on your PC or notebook, this time, I am tackling the very basic tricks you can use, maybe I guess you will end up using Windows in the end…. :), to go around some technical errors that you are likely to encounter while you use and distribute files on the world wide web grid.

ERROR 101: CRC Check Fails on Archive Extraction

The first time this happens, trust me, you feel like crushing your computer! I mean, you have about 600Mb of data in a .zip or .rar archive, which by the way you spent some quality time finding and finally it comes down to: the file is corrupt because the CRC check (a unique error detection technique used by file compression applications such as WinRAR) failed while it was being extracted by a one, WinRAR or WinZip.

Let me be categorical: The error is common with WinRAR, and the trick will too work with WinRAR. As with WinZip all I can say, “It’s being worked on”. So what’s the way out? Well,

1. Try by first rebuilding all the archives. Do this by right clicking on the file first to view information about it.(Click on Show Information)

You should see the information somehow similar to the following one. NOTE: It should indicate some bytes as allocated to a recovery record, as for this one; we have 4,620,800 bytes of recovery record for the 1st part. If you see ‘Absent’ then know that your archive has no recovery record available. (Sought of bad news at this stage, but just read on).

2. With the Recovery record in place, let’s now try to repair our archive.

Simply click on that “First-Aid” box titled “Repair”. At the end, you should see the same archive name but with an extra word(“fixed.”) before the original as below:

Figure 1: The File Repairing Dialog Box

Figure 2: Repaired File (fixed.Confucius.2010.part1.rar)

3. Having repaired our previously corrupt file, try extracting it again. But remember I promised I’ll let you know on how to add a recovery record to your archive if it has none:

Repeat step 1. You should see this:

Go on and set your size then Click OK. Repeat this until you exhaust all the files if they are in parts and go back to Step 2 to repair your entire archived file before extracting it.

4. Here comes another disappointment! Relax, like I said, there’s always another way around it.

In the process of extracting your now repaired archive, you may still encounter “the CRC failed or file xyz.rar is corrupt”, but try this: Let the progress monitor reach 99 percent and then click pause. Go to the destination of your file and try opening your file, if it’s a video, it should play fully… :)…well, am sorry if you were applying this on non-multimedia files, but who knows may be it works there too….now why don’t you try and let me know by dropping me mail.

Pausing the extraction at 99 percent means the better part of the file has already been fully extracted!

5. End of the Trick on Error 101. Remember: If it works one time, it might not work next time for reasons not known, probably we may attribute them to the statistical term “error by chance”…that you can’t control it to some degree while there’s still room.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Finish Line

Over the past few weeks..or let me say, the last 1 month.. I have been busy...but busy with what..oh..the course..finally submitted my project..I'm telling you it needs some good quality attention...

Anyway, I learnt so many things..and I'll keep on saying this..about the miracle of Friday, 7th May 2010, in the morning. I almost lost my handset, it had the means to printing my numerous pages of documented work for my final presentation for the IS project..forget the jargon..probably let's just call it..a project..:)..yeah..If I hadn't found the famous "Bada Bing"..I can't say a thing..n that's why I owe my Creator a big one!!!...

Have you ever been in a such a position and you wonder why it all comes down to some specific time..I mean..some unknown occurrences appearing at a very critical moment...that was one..but for the miracle I just stepped through it...and I guess I crossed the finish line too well:)

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